Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance consists of various indian and western dance forms inspired by the Bollywood Indian film industry. A typical Bollywood dance class covers the following styles: Indian film moves that are more lyrical and expression-based, traditional Indian folk Bhangra and Garba dance steps; and western dance styles like jazz, hip-hop, salsa etc.

Kathak Dance

Abhivyakti, offers kathak lessons to childeren from age 5. All you will learn is footwork, hand moments, tode, tukras, tihai, gat sanchalan, aamad and padant of teen taal. Please do note that this training requires years of practice.

Private Lessons

Abhivyakti offers private lessons for couples, kids, families, group of friends! Call me today to shine at your events: Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Weddings.


Abhivyakti creates tailor made dance workshops and performances for schools, colleges, universities, adult learning centres and other educational establishments. Dance workshops are also perfect for social and public events such as exhibitions, corporate events, cultural days and group gatherings. Infact a Bollywood Dreams Dance workshop is the perfect activity to get your audience to interact, take part in your event and take home a memory and a new interest!